Twitter’s Bootstrap is now part of Celestial

Update By: Styled Themes
Date: November 10, 2012

With the design and development of my new theme “Celestial”, I’ve incorporated Twitter’s Bootstrap front-end framework which gives you a lot of flexibility for a powerful responsive website. From this point on, any new theme I release will now use the Bootstrap framework in conjunction with the ongoing development of keeping to WordPress coding standards.

Styled Themes will launch in Two Days!

Update By: Styled Themes
Date: November 3, 2012

I want to inform everyone that within two days, will be going live. The site will be a blog based website with a solid support system setup and put into place for customers who sign up as a member for my themes.

Celestial is a new Theme Ready for Download

Update By: Styled Themes
Date: November 2, 2012

Celestial is the first WordPress theme for which gives you an awesome set of features, such as unlimited colours, a portfolio, but especially the fact that Celestial is fully responsive and ready for your favourite mobile device(s).