Widget Positions

Celestial offers more than 23 sidebar positions for widgets which gives a much greater range of layouts depending on how you design and style your website pages. I’ve provided a detailed layout structure below. How you layout your page content will be up to you, but with the variety of positions, and the fact that several sidebar positions are dynamic (resizeable), you have even more flexibility. Please note that only the light grey areas are sidebar positions whereas the green represents fixed positions that are content or part of the physical template page.

More Positions using Spans

Because Celestial uses Twitter’s Bootstrap framework which works off a 12-column grid layout, I’ve also included 3 sidebar positions that give you the ability to use up to 12 columns in each position. Unlike default WordPress widgets, you either get a fixed width or a dynamic (plus fixed) width. With spans, you can actually get variable widths of in-line columns for each area.

Special Front Page Layout

Celestial offers a custom front page template for widgets only. In the layout below, you will find several “Front Page” widget sidebars available to you so that you can achieve many different layouts with content when using widgets. Please note, however, that these Front Page positions are only available when using the Front page Widgets Template.

widg positionset

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