Really easy to use and great “How To” set up help

Together with an amazing theme, Encounters is easy to use and it really doesn’t matter what type of site is being thrown at it, detailed tutorials are very detailed and helpful in every way possible.

The next generation of theme design is here!

With Encounters, you can easily say that this is the next generation of theme design. The fact that it’s built with WordPress coding standards says a lot about the concept because it means better compatibility, stability, and flexibility.

Absolutely stylish in every way possible

Compared to most themes, the Encounters is something to talk about because of how clean the style of this design stands out above others. This theme packs a lot of customization features to allow the user to create a more personalized look and with unlimited colours, definitely a major plus!

Definitely a stunning theme for WordPress

This has got to be one of the more stunning themes I’ve seen in a long time that gives a powerful visual and user friendly concept for blogs and business websites wanting to really stand out. The crisp lines and simplicity of the overall design is nothing short of amazing!