About Me

Generally a blog will have a special page that describes the author with some information talking about who he/she is, things, they’ve achieved, and so on. This page shows you how one could create such a page, but it also includes a feature of WordPress which gives the user the ability to add a header image. As you can see above, the photo can represent the author by using the WordPress Custom Header feature which is found under the Appearance menu group within your site’s admin area.

Designing quality, functional, stable, flexible, and great looking themes is a passion of mine. Helping others establish their own interests within the realm of a theme that is designed with them in mind is something I enjoy very much!

So to help you with your blogging website, you can assure I am here to give you a special advantage with my latest Luminescence Lite theme. It’s free and easy to use, but again, if you want more features, there’s also the professional version of Luminescence on my Styled Themes website.