Old school with a modern touch in blogging and style

Luminescence Lite brings back a little old school blog style with a little modern style thrown into the mix to give you something exceptional. Ideally, this theme is best suited for bloggers who want to stand out with great design and style while being able to still convey their...


Wanting more will bring you to the professional version

Luminescence Lite will give you what you want in a blogging theme and will definitely work for most people who enjoy the visual aspects of a great looking blog…let’s not forget about the features this theme offers you as well. However, should you want more features and greater flexibility,...


Getting back to the basics of blogging

WordPress was originally created to provide the international blogging community a powerful platform that would give bloggers, both personal and professional, a means of passing their message and stories to the world. The one thing though that I noticed is that so much attention has been given to creating...