As it is important for any website, having great content is one thing, but how you convey that content is something that needs an added touch of styled typography elements. This page showcases how the various Headings look like in a page, along with a couple page elements that you can use: Drop Caps, and Blockquotes.

This theme uses the Google font “Merienda” as the main font style for the site’s title and headings, but you can always change this if you decide you want something different. You can edit the theme’s style.css file or you can utilize a font plugin to give you the option of making font changes to almost any text based element within your pages without having to open any file.

Heading H1

Vivamus ac aliquet nisl. Sed mollis nisi in neque pulvinar pharetra.

Heading H2

Nullam nec orci at ante tincidunt interdum. In et nulla leo. Aliquam vehicula.

Heading H3

sapien non pharetra convallis, tortor eros hendrerit tortor, a feugiat ipsum.

Heading H4

Stellus et arcu. Praesent condimentum, lacus ut fermentum elementum.

Heading H5

Lorem mi gravida magna, eu dignissim turpis leo non felis.

Heading H6

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut pretium libero

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